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The Chat Client

Download the chat client as an executable jar file (requires Java). To test the client by yourself, start more than one instance (each with a unique user name)

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In this project we did a lot of pair-programming using Teamviewer and Skype

This means that we have all been coding at the same time, on the same thing. Doing pair programming was beneficial for us because we all knew what was coded and where. If we didn't do pair programming, our overall understanding of the code would've been slightly worse, but in the end the work would've been done much faster because of 3 programming instead of 1.


Our design of the chat-server was to obey the protocol that was given and make sure we used the protocolstrings. We implementet the application, so that whenever a message was received via the inputstream, the client and/or the clienHandler would split the string and do the requested command.


We made a mock-object of our server and a mock-object of our client. This made us able to do two seperate tests in which we tested the command-requests from the client to the server (CONNECT#, SEND#, CLOSE#), and the servers response(ONLINE#, MESSAGE#,CLOSE#).


We made a web-server and a chat-client application, which uses sockets to interact. The application obeys the protocol which was given in the exercise, assuming all users have a unique name. Our web-server allows users to download the chat-client as a jar-file and the server can also provide 2 dynamic pages, which can show the number of users online and the output from the chat-server log.

Azure - Admin Info


Account: gruppe4

Pass: deterenMOCK!



We had some trouble with GIT, which means we lost a lot of our commit-history. Our GIT is linked below.

Chat-Server-client - View Source (GIT) »

Web-Server - View Source (GIT) »

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